A senior, experienced
Software Engineer & Architect

With several years of experience working within startups, Greenfield projects and corporate environments, specialising in fullstack development, I collaborate across product, testing, development and infrastructure teams to deliver business-focused applications within the Agile software methodologies.

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Key skills

  Fullstack development

From an early career as a UI and print preproduction designer through to several years of software engineering and infrastructure, I've developed an effective skill set to communicate clearly across an organisation aiming to deliver high-velocity development projects.

  Continuous delivery

A coherent approach to understanding, observing and managing apps when combined with modern monitoring & observability tools building cloud-native and data centre based CI/CD pipelines for secure and fast application deployments and recovery.

  Product management

The entire product lifecycle focus is on driving new product development that delivers unique benefits and superior value to the customer. Within a structured environment, I can forecast accurately, roadmap acceptance criteria and deliver technical plans.

  Independent expert

With the fast-paced nature of technology, to be a critical hit team, you must have the technical experience across the entire process of application development from design to deployment to make accurate forecasts and maintain the integrity of your stakeholders.

"Finding beauty in the dissonance."

Maynard James Keenan